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RigRec | FAQ


General Questions

Why Rig Rec?

Rig Rec is a way to help people find out about equipment and services in the oil and gas industry by using others past experiences to help determine what equipment should be purchased to optimize your company’s operations.  Rig Rec also provides a forum for people and leaders in the industry to discuss common issues within the industry as well as new issues or discoveries that are new to users.

Is Rig Rec free?

Yes! For providing reviews and forum topics there are no charge.  For business owners to have sponsored content, advertisements and other admin functionality there are charges incurred. 

Who uses Rig Rec?

Rig Rec has a variety of different people that utilize the site including but not limited to Operators, Contractors and Suppliers in the Oil and Gas industry.  Rig Rec also has industry leaders that participate in a forum board to provide feedback on industry driven questions.

User Reviews

What should I review?

Any equipment that you have had experience with is a perfect candidate for reviews.  Please do not review equipment that you do not have experience with yourself.

Should I leave negative reviews for negative experiences? 

It is important that the bad reviews are included to get a fair perspective on both the good and bad on particular products.  It is important to include more details on negative experiences so users understand why the negative review take place.  It is important to understand the legal ramifications if you are posting lies or fake information.

?Can I accept perks for leaving reviews?

We understand and are ok with getting perks in exchange for reviews, however please do not only rate a product as a 5 star because of the perks.

How are reviews filtered or ordered?

Users can decide for themselves how best to order reviews by clicking one of the links just above the reviews (e.g., date, rating, voting, etc.).

Do reviews get removed?

Users can remove their own reviews, and our user support team can also remove the ones that violate our Content Guidelines or Terms of Service. Whether a business is a Rig Rec advertiser or Premium Company does not impact on this whatsoever.

Business Listing Information

How did my company information get on the site?

We work with third party and research companies to gather the information on companies and products currently in the market place.  Business owners can also provide information and update the product and company information to correct information. 



Can advertisers remove negative reviews?

No. You can't pay us to remove or reorder your bad reviews — it's just that simple.